pdg.decay module

Classes supporting decays and branching fractions/ratios.

class pdg.decay.PdgBranchingFraction(api, pdgid, edition=None)[source]

Bases: pdg.data.PdgProperty

Class for all information about a decay, including its branching fraction, decay products, and subdecays.

property decay_products

A list of all PdgDecayProducts for the decay.

property is_subdecay

True if this is a subdecay (“indented”) decay mode.

property mode_number

Mode number of this decay.

Note that the decay mode number may change from one edition of the Review of Particle Physics to the next one.

property subdecay_level

Return indentation level of a decay mode.

class pdg.decay.PdgDecayProduct(item, multiplier, subdecay)[source]

Bases: object

Class for all information about one product of a decay, including its PdgItem (which may resolve to one or more PdgParticles), its multiplier, and its subdecay (if any).